lost yorkshire terrier


Bailey, a then 4-year old Yorkshire terrier got lost when his owner’s front door was left open. His owner Grisel Jaramillo searched and searched within their area but Bailey was never found. Later on, Grisel found out that someone with a maroon car picked up Bailey and drove away with him.

For six consecutive years, Jaramillo, along with her family, dreamt of being reunited with Bailey, their beloved pet. And after 6 long years, their dream finally came true.


Bailey with Pam Hardy


The poor Yorkie was found in Indianapolis, almost 1,100 miles away from her home. Pam Hardy was looking out of her window when she spotted Bailey trotting through her front yard. Bailey looked hungry, dirty and his fur is matted all over. Hardy turned Bailey to a Post Pet Hospital.

The veterinarians did all they can to clean and groom the poor Yorkie. Aside from Bailey’s dirty, matted fur, his canine also suffered from flea bites as tooth decay. The good thing was overall, he was in good condition. The veterinarians believed that Bailey had not been living on the streets alone for too long.

They found a microchip on Bailey’s body. Thanks to the microchip, because he was able to travel back to his Texas home and reunite with his family.

The Reunion

When Grisel found out that Bailey has been found, she was in the middle of her lecture in a nursing school. Her father texted her to call him immediately. She thought someone in her family died because her father has always been real calm. When her father told her that Bailey was found, Grisel’s race was racing.

Grisel and her family couldn’t believe that after six long years, Bailey will be found. Bailey has once served as Grisel’s ring bearer on her wedding day, Bailey traveled back home from Indiana to Texas to be with her family.

It was quite an emotional reunion. And even though Bailey and his owner had spent more than 2,000 days apart, the two picked up right where they had left off.

Welcome home, Bailey!

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