This little Yorkie Mix named Chilli went on an amazing adventure in the summer by walking for two weeks and three days! 

In the heartwarming Instagram below, you can see Chilli’s mom overjoyed after reuniting with her lost pup.  Chilli is a yorkie-chihuahua mix who lives in Vancouver, BC. In summer 2020, she apparently got lost during a family outing in Pacific Spirit Park.  Chilli ran off after she was startled by a large dog and the family spent every day in the park doing everything they could to find her. 

Luckily, Chilli ended up in the backyard of a kind stranger who noticed the phone number on her dog tag and called up her Yorkie mom to come and get her!   Without a doubt, this is one brave little yorkie who managed to survive on her own for over two weeks, avoiding coyotes, traffic and walking, very, very far to eventually get home. 

Source: Daily Hive Vancouver