Yorkies are small, cute, and friendly!  As such, you’ll want a name that best describes the personality of your adorable new pup.  We recommend that you pick a name that not only sounds fun, but reflects the true nature of your Yorkshire terrier.  Luckiely, we’re here to help you choose a sweet and sassy name for your little one.

We think that the meaning of a name is very important and that’s why we have also explained the root of each name to help you choose the one that not only sounds best but is also meaningful to you.

Let’s look at some of the most popular names for Yorkies. We have selected both male and female names for your convenience.


Popular Male Names for Yorkies

  1. Austen – A somewhat serious-sounding name, but an excellent choice for your little furry friend. The name means “great” or “magnificent.”
  2. Dylan – Gives the feel of a strong personality. The name means “son of the sea.”
  3. Jack – A very common and ancient name, but then again, old is gold! Jack means “God is gracious.”
  4. Caden – This name sounds friendly and sweet and means “companion.” This may be perfect for your furry friend.
  5. Harry – Sounds traditional, but this name is never out of fashion! It means “house protector.”
  6. Oli – A Germanic name that means “elf warrior.” This short name is easy to pronounce and you may love the repeated vowel play that gives it a perfect rhythm!
  7. Aiden – for those who love conventional names, this one is also short and somewhat suits your small pup. The Irish origin of this name means “little fire.”
  8. Izzy – sounds very modern and is a perfect choice for your up-to-date a little lady. The name means “God is My Oath”.
  9. Casper – A very decent name for your little pet. The name means “treasurer”.
  10. Romeo – Its an all-time favorite for many of us. The name has a delightful association of love and means “pilgrim to Rome”.



Popular Female Yorkies Names

Here is a suggested list of female names for yourYorkie!

  1. Fifi – The sweet-sounding name perfectly suits your little girl. The Spanish origin name means “Jehovah increases”.
  2. Lexi – the stylish name suits a fashionable little pub. It is a pet form derived from Alexander that means “man warrior”.
  3. Zoe – another cute name that has a musical ring. It means “life” in Greek.
  4. Sophia – Somewhat regel name for your furry kid. You can call her Sophie that sounds more endearing. Sophia means “wisdom”.
  5. Jewel – The name sounds very classy, and your little pet is nothing less than a jewel for you. The name means “Pearl”.
  6. Daisy – the name sounds as fresh as a dewdrop on a white daisy. It’s a flower name that is perfect for your female Yorkie.
  7. Roxi – Sounds very stylish and suits your fashionable little pooch. A name is a diminutive form of Roxanne which means “star”.
  8. Ellie – bit musical and suited a homely girl. The name means “shining light”.
  9. Bella – sounds poetic and is perfect for your little pet. Bella means “beautiful” and “graceful”.
  10. Portia – another very traditional name. It’s a good choice, especially if you are in love with classics. The Latin name means “An Offering”.