What is a Yorkie

“Yorkie” is the popular name of the dog breed Yorkshire Terrier.

Its body is typically strong and athletic with an innately long and active life span. The dog’s physical attribute is often  taken for granted because of its cute appearance and size. Thus, the inner attribute is overshadowed by its long, shiny coat and cute little gestures. Not to mention that grooming a Yorkie is very challenging, that is why, according to a survey conducted in the United States, most Yorkie owners are female.

Physical Attribute

The most important physical feature of a Yorkie is its short, level back (hips and shoulders are of the same height) and straight legs with slightly bent stifles (knees). A standard Yorkie also has a moderately extended neck (important for carrying the head high) and enough forechest (the part that sticks out in front of the legs when viewed laterally) to carry a good set of lungs for stamina. During trotting with a loose leash, the Yorkie should freely, confidently gait, with both head and tail held high. All these details define a true and high pedigree Yorkie. It’s very important that all Yorkies have these basic and stock physical features.

On spot agility

The Yorkie demands an active lifestyle and any engaging activity.  After all, Yorkies were bred to hunt rats centuries ago. In a Yorkie’s case, at the very least, long walks, brisk games of catch in the park, or spirited tug of war in the living room. The Yorkie’s bearing must clearly convey that it is vigorous despite of its small body size. But when you’re ankle-high on a leg of the average human, how do you get that message across?

The fifth sense

The physical features that do the most to make up the typical look of a Yorkie are its eyes and ears. Yorkie’s eyes are usually dark and glaring with intelligence. The small erect ears of a Yorkie are like radar disc that translates the Yorkie’s lively interest in everything around it. The ears of a Yorkie puppy are usually tipped.  They are standing and erect when they reach three months old.  A Yorkie without fully erect ears has a low pedigree grade. Overall, alertness, inquisitiveness, and self-confidence are the expressions of a true blue Yorkie.

Shades of Yorkie

The coating and colors of a Yorkshire Terrier are very precise.  Puppies are born black and tan with normal dark body color, showing an intricate intermingling black and tan coat until they mature. The color of the body and head should be rich tan, to which the following color requirements apply:

BLUE – is a dark steel blue, not silver blue and not mingled with fawn, bronze or black hair

TAN – all the tan hair is darker at the roots than the middle, shading to still lighter tan at the      tips; there should be no sooty or black hair intermingled with any of the tan

All in all, Yorkshire Terrier is a very complicated breed.  But it is the diverse characteristics that make its value high.