Yorkie Characteristics

The Yorkshire Terrier was originally bred to help the town of Yorkshire get rid of rampaging rats.  Now let’s look at the physical characteristics, temperament, and personality of the most popular small dog breed.  Many Yorkie characteristics are quite well-known but digging them here will give you a blast.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed dog with gorgeous, silky, long, fine coat and relatively high grooming demand. The Yorkies are always proud, merry, lively and affectionate. What will stun you is the truth that a Yorkie doesn’t behave like a small dog because it is not aware of its size, and it will do them a big favor if they are not treated like one. Yorkies do not need long walks but do want to spend leisure outside.

Yorkies are affectionate, exuberant, and loves to chase around.  But despite that cute appearance, a rugged body is literally embedded inside. A Yorkie’s athletic body and insanely agile characteristic need proper training to suit itself accordingly.

3 types of Yorkies

Toy size Yorkie

A Yorkshire Terrier who belongs to the toy size usually weighs between 4 and 7 pounds (adult). Beyond 7 pounds is not qualified to this group according to the rules of the AKC (American Kennel Club).

Teacup Yorkie

The teacup Yorkie is extremely small in size.  It weighs less than 3 pounds (adult).  A Yorkie that weighs in this category can be registered in the AKC’s Breed Standard.

The downside of the teacup Yorkie is that it has a shorter lifespan compared to other Yorkie sub-groups. The Teacup size has an average lifespan of 3 to 7 years while the average Yorkie has 10 to 17 years.

Biewer Yorkie

The Biewer Yorkie was welcomed by the AKC in 1984. The Biewer’s prominent colors are blue, white, and gold.  This type of Yorkie came from Mr. and Mrs. Biewer.  They created this phenom breed that only the elite few can have.   Until now, the Biewer Yorkie is not yet accepted by the AKC, but they are accepted by the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA).

The coat colors

Color markings of the Yorkshire Terrier are very complex with 4-color combination of tan, black, blue, and gold. The most astonishing Yorkie characteristic is that its markings transform into  different colors when it reaches adulthood.  Puppies are usually tan and black and adults are blue and gold.


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