Yorkie: From A Working Dog to A Companion Dog

The Yorkshire Terrier, if we recall, was created for one purpose – to hunt down rats in the clothing mills.  They were labeled as “working dogs”.  A Yorkie possesses a rigid yet agile body designed for speed and sudden turns that is very essential in hunting rats.  The body is small enough to pursue its nemesis to the end, paired with a sharp sense of smell to track down rats hiding in the small alleys.  One of the best attributes of a Yorkie is its fearless attitude in vermin-chasing.

Modern Yorkie

Being one of the most popular dog breeds today, a Yorkie has never been vanished from the spot light.  Many Hollywood celebrities love Yorkies for its beautiful coat and lively character.  But the best physical asset of a Yorkie is its long coat, for it offers a variety of styles in different Yorkie haircuts. That being said, this asset made them very dominant in the canine fashion world.  No wonder some of the most popular Hollywood celebrities own a Yorkie and even bring them to the red carpet.

How do I involve my Yorkie in my daily routine?

The first step of this road that you and your Yorkie are going to take is the basic Yorkie obedience training.  A commendable Yorkie needs a solid foundation.  From its tender age, a Yorkie should be trained accordingly.  Never ever spoil a Yorkie or else.

Once they are well trained, they can be useful in chasing rats and other trespassers. They might be worrisome at times, especially outside in the park for they will chase birds and squirrels.   But what the heck, right?  That is their genetic behavior that is kicking but still, with good social training, they can be corrected.

A small basket, especially for tea size Yorkies, will come in handy while you are doing some household chores.  A Yorkie’s small size is a plus since they don’t require a large space to keep them in and they can be carried around anywhere – just like what those Hollywood celebrities do when they are showing off their Yorkies.

Games for Yorkie

Early training for Yorkie is very essential for its physical and mental health, but you can give it a twist at least, just to spare them from boredom and routine-like activities.

Catch me Yorkie

This game literally teaches a Yorkie the “come” command without the pressure of making them come at all.  The best part of this is that you can do this game anywhere since it only requires a small space to play it.

Hide and Seek

Aside from physical exercise, a “hide and seek” game can stimulate a Yorkie’s hunting behavior, making them sharper.  The “come” command can be very handy in this kind of game.

Where is the ball

This is one of the most basic games you can play with your Yorkie while subconsciously training them a basic command.  Throwing a ball and making them get it is a fun way to train a Yorkie without the pressure.  But remember to not overdo this game and give them a reward after they got the ball.


We are pretty sure there are lots of games your Yorkie can enjoy.  Care to share us the pictures and stories of your own fun games?