Watch how this dog helped her friend overcome her phobia of steps.

Bronte is a Golden Labrador who was afraid to go down any stairs. She couldn’t even get herself get past on the first step despite her owner’s encouragement to get her to trot down the staircase.

According to her owner, their garden steps had gaps which Bronte couldn’t see beyond. All Bronte noticed was only the drop and not the step.

Her owner even tempted Bronte with biscuits. Unfortunately, the biscuit was of no help.

dog helps labrador friend











Bronte can be seen so upset for not being able to do it. She grew more and more agitated. She started to whine and bark for the feeling of desperation.

The whole situation changed when Pippy, Bronte’s small pooch friend came out of the house. Without any hesitation, Pippy confidently went down the staircase and showed Bronte how easily it could be done.

Upon seeing that the staircase is safe, Bronte closely followed behind Pippy.

Bronte jumped around with joy after getting through the bottom of the steps. Thanks to her friend Pippy, for showing her how to do it.