This is Winnie, a Yorkshire Terrier. Her elderly owner went into a nursing home and was left alone in the house together with 12 other dogs for over a month.

forgotten yorkshire terrier left alone for months

Winnie’s physical condition was indeed terrible. She seemed like she had been forgotten for quite some time, along with her other furry friends. Her whole body was covered with feces and urine. She had long nails that she could even barely walk on her own. In addition to this, her coat is matted together.

Five Other Yorkshire Terriers

Rescuers found out that none of these dogs were spayed or neutered. In addition, rescuers discovered that Winnie had five puppies.

Fortunately, Winnie and the other dogs were rescued by SICSA and got the transformation they deserved. Watch the full video below:

She and her five puppies are now in good condition and they are currently awaiting to be adopted soon.