Would you believe that this adorable Yorkshire Terrier is already 26 years old, which is equivalent to 117 in dog years?

Jack, a Yorkshire terrier, is 26 years old
Meet Jack, a Yorkshire Terrier in one of Britain’s county Hartlepool, County Durham. Jack is so full of energy that his neighborhood and other people still mistaken for a puppy.

According to jack’s owner Ray and Mary Bunn, due to old age, Jack already has arthritis and can only walk for short distances. However, Jack is full of energy that most people often think he is much younger.

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Ray and Mary Bunn rescued Jack 16 years ago from a couple who could not take care of him. Since then, all their family members had an instant bond with Jack. “He became an instant part of our family, we now have had Jack for more than 16 years”, Ray added.

What’s even more surprising is that according to record books, Jack might be one of the oldest dogs to have ever lived. He would be eighth on the all-time list if his age will be proven by Guinness World Records.

Mr. Bunn added that Jack is on his tablets due to his arthritis. Aside from that, Jack is all right and drinks fine. Jack has always been a very friendly Yorkie. As he is getting older, he sleeps a lot. When awake, you would see Jack tirelessly playing with different toys around the house.

“We carry him whenever he goes upstairs because he has arthritis so he doesn’t fall. Apart from that, he’s no bother. We love him so dearly”, Mrs. Bunn added.

The couple could not believe that Jack is Britain’s oldest dog. They really didn’t think that Jack would last this long. “It just happened so quick. We have been overwhelmed”, the couple said.

Image courtesy: telegraph.co.uk