Small, cute, and affable, Yorkies are so much fun to be around! These lightweight pups are so easy to ge along with that you sure want them with you on every trip.  Generally, carrying your precious yorkie is easy, but it becomes even easier with a carrier. You have your hands free, and your pet doesn’t have to take long, tiring walks if you’re out for the entire day.



You need to be careful while choosing a carrier. It should be lightweight, comfortable for both you and your fur-baby, and easy for you to lift. More importantly, you need to make sure your new carrier provides the best safety for your pet, proper ventilation, and alsop provides a good sling for everyday walks.

For most Yorkie moms and dads, choosing a carrier can be confusing, especially with so many of them in the market.  So, here we have made the task easier by selecting some of the best carriers for your Yorkie.



Here is a list of what has been reviewed to be the best carrier for small dogs, such as Yorkies.


 AmazonBasics Two-Door, Top-Load Pet Carrier

This well-reviewed carrier is for those looking to use a small kennel for pet- friendly, long-distance travel in cars, boats and airplanes. The AmazonBasics Carrier is perfectly designed to ensure your small dog is safe and comfortable while heading to your next desitnation. With a generous, nineteen inches of interior space, this AmazonBasics carrier is good enough for pets up to 10 lbs, which should be good enough for most Yorkies.  However, there is a larger 23-inch version if you happen to have a larger travelling companion.  

This kennel also has a clever two-door design with one on the top and another on the front. The two doors make going in-and-out of the kennel easy for your pet.

The heavy-duty plastic exterior is durable enough to handle the typical bumps of vehicle travel. There is enough ventilation holes to ensure both proper ventilation and light come in from all sides so that your travel companion doesn’t feel too claustrophobic. Finally, the sturdy handle on the top of the carrier allows for easy one-handed carrying, provided you’re able to carry up to 13lbs

However, it should be noted that this carrier isn’t ideal for taking your pet for a hike or a stroll around town.  We recommend a sling for that.  And since the bottom of this carrier is a hard plastic, for extra comfort, we would highly recommend adding a pet bet.  The highly-reviewed MidWest Bolster Pet Bed (18-inch version) is a great option that perfectly fits this carrier. 

TOMKAS Small Dog Sling Carrier

Here is a sling that is comfortable for both you and your furry friend. The TOMKAS Dog Sling has a safety collar hook, which will prevent your pet from jumping out of the sling. This cotton and polyester mix sling is spacious enough to fit your small Yorkie or any small dog up to 10lbs.

The best thing about this sling is that it comes with two sides. It has a thick grey side that is perfect for keeping your pup warm on cold days. Meanwhile, the thin plaid side is suitable for warm days.

The washable sling allows you to stay in touch with your pet while you are on the go.  Overall, the TOMKAS Small Dog Carrier is a well-designed carrier that should ensure both the comfort and safety of your pet.



Sherpa Airline Approved Soft-Sided Pet Carrier

Looking for a versatile, soft-padded carrier that would be good for both long-distance travel and for leisurely walks with your pet. The Sherpa Airline Pet Carrier (Medium) is another secure and comfortable carrier for you and your Yorkie to travel in style as it comes in your choice of colour – brown, plum or black!  Our favourite is the brown as it’s the same fur colour of chocolate Yorkies!  Whether you are going by land, sea or air, this particular carrier is perfectly designed to provide a ‘home away from home’ for your pet.

The carrier features both a sturdy double handle for one-handed use and a padded, adjustable strap for easy over-the shoulder carrying.  However, the feature we like most about this carrier is that it comes with a patented, spring-wire frame that allows the rear end of the carrier to be pushed in to conform to most airlines under-seat requirements.  This is a handy feature that can help your little fella fit more comfortable in those tight window or aisle under-seat spaces. 

Overall, the mesh windows keep the inside well ventilated and provides adequate light. With both a top and side entry option and cozy interior, the carrier is a must buy if you are planning to travel with your furry friend a lot.


Carriers are lifesavers, especially if you want to bring along your pet on your all adventures and help you create cherished memories of your time together.  In the end, the best advice anyone can give is to choose a carrier that best suits your needs and allows you to always stay connected with your fur-baby.