Watch how this incredible Yorkie recovered from a painful surgery after his previous owner kicked him like a football and broke his diaphragm.

yorkie kicked like a football

Robin’s previous owner turned his anger on this small pooch and kicked him like a football. This left this poor dog’s inner organs pushed up towards his lungs, heart and broke his diaphragm. Robin’s tiny body experienced an enormous pressure, and the only chance for him to survive was through emergency surgery.

It was a very tough surgery for Robin, but he pulled it through. Doctors repaired and repositioned his damaged internal organs including his diaphragm.


After weeks of excruciating pain and recovery, Robin now happily lives with his new loving owner along with all his furry siblings.

Robin now lives like a king and enjoys every moment of it. Together, they play in the yard with all his furry friends. He enjoys the company of his new mum.  A new owner who will always love him and will never do anything to hurt him.