This poor 12-year-old Yorkshire Terrier was trapped inside a vehicle after his owner parked his car and left him alone on one of the hottest days of the year.

Nottinghamshire Police officers spotted this desperate dog looking terrified while panting inside a car.

yorkshire terrier saved by cops inside a hot car

They tried to contact the owner, but there was no response received. As minutes passed by, the dog looked extremely agitated and distressed.  Distressing pictures show the poor Yorkie was extremely bothered while heavily panting and looking through the car window.

yorkshire terrier saved by cops inside a hot car

The police said they were forced to smash the car’s driver window to rescue the poor dog.  In addition, officers mentioned that there was no fresh air getting inside the hot car. The car was spotted alone parked at 10 in the morning when temperatures usually went up to 24C. “It was like a sauna in there,” police officers added.

yorkshire terrier saved by cops inside a hot car

Yorkshire Terrier Was Given Immediate Care

The Yorkshire Terrier was immediately given water after being released inside the car. The Yorkie was also checked over by a dog warden before going home with its owner. The owner was given verbal warning not to leave animals in hot cars.

Veterinarians and police officers warned people of the dangers of leaving their pets inside their cars especially during hot season.

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